The 24ZM Series

Manufactured by Dixon & Ryan
24ZM Series Body Flushness Gages Manufactured by Dixon & Ryan

Body Flushness Gages
The 24ZM Series Body Flushness Gage allows the user to easily check the flushness of two planes. The gage features a four quadrant swivel base to allow the indicator to turn 360 degrees for right or left hand operator use. The plastic base pad will protect the surface being measured. The dial gage has a total range of 10mm (limited to one revolution only, +/-5mm) with balanced dial readings. Electronic models read in inch or metric. Gage comes with an ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA accredited calibration report, traceable to N.I.S.T.


Model Number 24ZM-930 24ZM-935 24ZM-935S (shown)
24ZM-930S (Dial type, Sunroof Gage, not shown)
Indicator Type Dial Type Electronic Dial Type* or (Electronic) Electronic only
Graduation 0.1mm .0005”/.01mm 0.1mm (.0005″/.01mm) .0005”/.01mm
Accuracy +/- 0.1mm .0004”/10um +/-0.1mm (.0004″/10um) +/-0.05mm
Total Range +/-5.0mm +/-0.5”/12.5mm +/-5.0mm +/-5.0mm
Dial Reading 0-5-0 Not applicable 0-5-0 Not applicable
Indicator Size AGD/ANSI 1 (44mm) AGD/ANSI 1 (44mm) AGD/ANSI 1 (44mm) AGD/ANSI 2 (58mm)
Overall Size (approx.) 50mmW x 70mmH 50mmW x 100mm 82mmH x 75mmL 60mmW x 113mmH
Measuring base pad 12mmW x 20mmL 12mmW x 20mmL 12mmW x 42mmL 12mmW x 26mmL
Measurement Pt. offset from edge of base 6.4mm 6.4mm 19mm 6.4mm
SPC Data output Not applicable Yes Yes (electronic model) Yes
Battery Life (average) Not applicable >3,500 hours >3,500 hours (electronic) 20,000 hours approx.
Price $ 325.00 USD $520.00 USD $385.00 ($580.00) USD $ 420.00 USD
Other notes Our smallest and most popular gage for really tight places. Comes with standard plastic storage case. Comes with deluxe padded hard plastic storage case. Greater offset to reach over moldings. Comes with deluxe padded hard plastic storage case. *(Optional) Electronic model shown. Comes with deluxe padded hard plastic storage case. SPC data port. Optional: wireless date transmitter
ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Report Included Included Included Included
Chrysler Part Number 95-225-0432 tbd N/A 95-225-0931
Ford Part Number 24ZM-930

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